What about queer people writing straight characters?

Honestly, I havent thought as much about this side of things, but I feel it’s far less of an issue for queer people to write straight characters mostly because heterosexuality is seen as the norm in our world and because of that you’re probably not gonna see a story of someone discovering their heterosexuality. It’s already assumed. You could write a queer character but unless you explicitly said it, that character would be assumed as straight by most people.  Queer people and characters on the other hand, face the struggle of going against the norm and all the self discovery that comes with coming out, feeling different, and like you don’t fit into this hetero-centric world. 

Sorry if that was a little all over the place—I’m at work right now so I can’t type out a fully fleshed out reply

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so many of my friends are queer that i genuinely forget that the majority of the population isn’t on a regular basis


I'd say it's not so much straight people writing gay narratives- I think the real issue is when they start to oversexualize or fetishize it. That's why I personally often dislike popular gay ships because I feel like the characters are shipped more because 'they would be hot together' than for actual legitimate reasons. Especially with anime and manga, but also with the more popular live action shows out there.

as far as fandoms go with that, I’m totally in agreement. I like a lot of queer ships, but the way some people in the fandom fetishize it is really gross and it makes me uncomfortable. 

I still take issue with straight people writing queer narratives, but that’s a bit of a different beast than fandom fetishizing. 

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I think, as with anything else, you have to really understand what story you're trying to portray. In my mind, if you're writing about a queer relationship, it shouldn't focus on the aspect of sex (and I find I see this a lot in fanfiction and some popular fiction which really makes me ill) it should be about the journey--how they got there, more about the individuals themselves and how they carry themselves as people rather than just vehicles for sex, you know?

I agree— god the way some writers make queer relationships just about the sex (for their own fetish/pleasure/what have you) makes me queazy. But I also think that, for the most part, straight people don’t really have a right to talk about “the journey” of queer relationships. Straight people just aren’t going to fully understand what it’s like to have to come out over and over again when you “don’t look gay” or the hardships a relationship faces when one partner is out but the other is not. 

I think it’s a slippery slope, and I am bothered that it does feel like sometimes straight people telling queer narratives are given more attention than the queer narratives of actual queer people.

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I think straight people can write gay relationships well, and convincingly, IF they are good authors to begin with (which includes doing research if you're including touchy subjects like discrimination, etc...). An example I like is Gillen/McKelvie's run of Young Avengers - most of the cast is varying degrees of gay, they all have different personalities, different relationships - in short, they're written as PEOPLE. It's when anyone is written as a trope that things an get problematic.

I hesitantly agree with you— I think it’s important for straight authors to include queer people and relationships in their works in a way that’s like “hey yeah these are queer people here but ttheir main purpose in this plot is not just to be queer”. But what I do have a problem with are times I see straight people trying to portray the inner thoughts or specific stories of queer people and queer life. They aren’t part of that group so I don’t think they have a place to tell our stories that way. Just my opinion, though!

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(Same anon here) I love that you brought up this subject - it's very important! <3

yeah! It’s something I’m very passionate about :) I have a lot of queer feelings.

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YES! I have a massive problem with fetishization of gay/lesbian couples in media - it's especially obvious in manga/anime. :/ I just don't read/watch series that don't have a plot, but instead focus on a "gay" romance because it just feels wrong. The depictions of characters are rarely true to life - it's fanservice, plain and simple. It's more offensive to me than the pantyshot fanservice because it's trivilization of someone's LIFE. It's complicated and nuanced, but you know that. :)

ahh I’m so glad someone else feels the same way— you articulated that very well.

Petition for straight people to stop writing queer narratives pls. 

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does anyone else feel vaguely uncomfy with fandom sexualization of queer (canon or fanon) characters///??/

there are ship partners and then there are ship soulmates who headcanon with you until you run out of things to say about your ship (which is never) and who you can message like “hey do this with me” and they will and who are chill about replies bc lbr your ships aren’t gonna die anytime soon

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other girls: straight blonde hair, perfect skin, blue eyes, obsessed with justin bieber

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Sakura and Sasuke, The Last 

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You are so important. So. important. When I was leaving tumblr a few months ago, you were so understanding and it felt like you knew exactly what to say that no one else could. I would happily fly to where ever you are just to give you a hug because you are a great friend and I want you to be happy and I want you to love yourself as much as everyone else loves and adores you. You’re so brave and I’m very very proud of you <3

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ahhh my darling, i love youuuu. You’re such an amazing human. I go to your blog every few days just to check on you because you get down on yourself sometimes, but you are such a ray of sunshine and a genuine delight to talk to— you deserve all the happiness in the world <3 You’re smart and beautiful and kind. You’re one of my tumblr friends I would love to meet in person one day~ 

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yyyooooo what up nerd

You’re like my “damn this girl has way too many popular text posts” friend. I love your comments about the fandom too. I feel honored you call me “swag homo” because that’s probably the best nickname I will ever have. 

You’re pretty hella and we should talk more because friendship. 

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